Behavioural Test Driven Development Tools, Website Application Testing
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OUR CLEAR SKY – Behavioural Driven Development

This test management and execution system provides many of the same benefits attained from RFT while compensating for the pitfalls.


1. Enterprise-Level Scalability:

Why settle for running tests overnight when your entire automation suite can complete in minutes? Built for the Cloud, Clear Sky automatically launches thousands of test cases simultaneously. Integrate Clear Sky into Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or other leading Cloud providers. Or host it in your own data center(s).

2. Time and Cost Minimization:

Worried about the costs of running on the Cloud? No need. Our revolutionary scaling algorithms optimize the number of instances to minimize time and cost. Generally, an entire suite of 5,000 test cases costs under $5.00. And because we can scale to thousands of simultaneous test executions, we can minimize the time it takes to run. The same suite of 5,000 test cases usually executes in under 20 minutes*.


* Measurements are made on tests that execute between 90 and 180 seconds each.
automation testing

3. Compatible With Almost Any Backend Technology:

With Clear Sky test automation framework, you can automate test cases for Web UI, REST APIs, Web Services, 3rd-party libraries, raw sockets and more. Go beyond website test automation and incorporate any other entry points your system supports.


User-Facing Scenario Approach

Test in the mindset of the users who interact with the system, rather than the technical implementation.

Collaboration Across Split Teams

Simple, yet effective features to bring together teams scattered across a building or the globe.

Ultra-Customizable Test Plans

Customize sets of tests in any configuration to run with a click of a button or on a schedule.

Multi-Tier Performance Testing

Track performance over time for a single scenario or an entire test plan.

Detailed Test Result Reporting

Close the loop on every run with a detailed test result report and export it to Microsoft Excel® for further analysis.

Black and White-Box Testing

Perform scenario-based functional tests along with under-the-hood integration tests.

Simple and Intuitive UI

Deigned with user experience in mind for the simplest experience to create, organize and manage thousands of test cases.

Integration with CI/CD Infrastructure

Run full test plans from any CI/CD system capable of executing our simple REST API.

Test Automation Framework Comparison Chart

This feature isimplemented

This feature is partially implemented

This feature is not implemented




Hyperscalable Parallel testing

Requires scripting
Autoscale test runners on the Cloud

Promotes Behavior-Driven Development

Integrates tests directly with requirements providing end-to-end validation

Integrates into almost any backend

Configurable hosts

Integration with custom Continuous Integration / DevOps platforms REST API

Out-of-the-box Metrics and Reporting (snapshots, trending over time) Multiple

1 Report
Ease of test automation deployment

Complex Simple
Domain and data model editing

Black-box  and white-box  testing Integrated Separate tools Separate tools
Schedule Tests Simple Complex Complex
Executes Compiled Java Scripts/Java Internal
Automatically raise defects Fully Integrated

License fees for runners None. License per developer. Add’l license per agent 1 License per developer
Performance testing

Additional tool required Additional tool required

Test Automation Framework Comparison Chart

This feature is

This feature is partially implemented

This feature is not implemented