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Test Automation

10 Oct Put Your People First

In the years I’ve been transforming organizations, a few requests get me worked up like a two-year old who skipped a nap.  Two of these are, “The right process will solve our people issues” and “The right tool will solve our people and process issues.” While I agree, processes and tools are important, people are our greatest assets.  To effectively transform and manage an optimal organization, one must realize the right order of importance – people first, with process and tools far behind. To maximize the effectiveness of your organization, invest in your people a magnitude more than your processes...

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07 Sep Stabilize The Patient First

So, I was watching one of those Trauma in the ER shows, and one phrase kept coming up: “We need to stabilize the patient before we can do anything else.” It makes me glad that some of us software developers didn’t go into medicine.  If we treated patients the way we treat our code, well, let’s just say lawyers would be very happy.  Think about it.  We, as an industry, as a general pattern, are usually heads-down coding. That giant heap of defects? That’s for later, when we are “done”. However, continuing to move ahead without constantly stabilizing the system...

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09 Aug Automation Will Never Replace Exploration

We here at Clear Sky are obviously kind of huge fans of automation, be it test automation or otherwise. Having lived through much proverbial bloodshed and having witnessed too many large-scale applications drown in their own regression bugs, we feel our obsession is well merited. Most organizations we’ve worked with had a large chunk of the allotted development time reserved for regression testing alone. We are convinced that time could have been better used to provide customer value. Automation helps reduce that waste, and though you don't get results overnight, you’ll likely see millions of dollars of savings in the first...

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11 Jul Does Testing Add Value

My simple answer: “No, it does not.” Ok, before you get your nickers in a twist, I am not saying you should get rid of the Q/A team or ship a product that’s hanging together by dental floss. On the contrary, we should always ship a product of the highest quality. But despite that, I maintain that testing, in and of itself, isn’t value-added. Ok, so now you’re thinking that the old guy’s lost it. To understand what I mean, understand the definition of value:  something that is a product or service that the customer is willing to pay for. In the...

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